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Why don’t more companies listen to their front line employees?

Call centres are people businesses, with 90% of costs going on salaries and the bulk of managerial effort focused on keeping people working to an optimum level. But those people you have trusted to answer your phones and act as brand guardians are also a valuable source of business intelligence so why don’t more companies listen to their people

Simon Thorpe explores the issues here.

2 minutes on… Speech Analytics on a budget

Speech Analytics is a topic often discussed in the contact centre world and a number of successful case studies are starting to emerge about its practical usage. But for those put off by the often hefty investment costs what are some of the other ways a contact centre can tap into this valuable resource without blowing the budget?

Mike Davies shares some practical suggestions here.

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How to create self-correcting contact centres

After 15 years of reviewing customer service operations we believe that contact centres collectively could be delivering significantly better customer satisfaction than they are today. This video presentation describes how best in class performers do it as well as how you can create a self-correcting operation in your own organisation

Watch the video of Mats Rennstam presenting on the topic here.

2 minutes on… Coaching to deliver results?

Finding time for agent coaching can be difficult but it can also be a challenge administering the process in a consistent and valuable way. Michael Lynch provide a step by step guide to optimising the process for both the company and agent.

Click here for the full article.

Which agent characteristics are most helpful to the business and how should these be rewarded?

For a recent ContactBabel report (The 2015 UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide), contact centre managers and directors were asked to choose agent characteristics that they would most like to encourage in their agents and how these would be rewarded.

To read the full article click here.