Simon Thorpe provides some advice on choosing the best Performance Management Solution for you.

1. Make sure you include voice of customer feedback in your solution.

Customer feedback software is as popular as ever as organisations strive to better understand how to improve their service proposition; but what many companies forget is how effective the tool can be when trying to motivate, monitor and develop their teams.

It’s all well and good having a top notch VOC programme which sends a constant stream of MI into your insight team but if you don’t share that data with your front line people then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Providing agents with real time customer feedback can have a dramatic effect on performance and productivity. It is important that feedback can be drilled down to an agent level and ideally insight should be captured as quickly as possible so that individuals have the ability to self-correct where they are going wrong. Targets, incentives and score cards can be linked to CSAT data and an organisation will quickly see a performance uplift as individuals strive to outperform their colleagues.

2. And that you are able to combine V.O.C. feedback with productivity metrics.

It is also possible to go one further and link CSAT scores to productivity and employee engagement meaning an organisation can truly understand behaviour and challenge the status quo. If you do, a whole new world will open up. Two examples:
A. Mixing number of contacts handled with customer feedback.
This will give you a whole new view over who the true best agents are. I.e. the ones that deliver customer satisfaction cost efficiently.

B. Mixing Average handling time with customer feedback.
You may have thrown out AHT as an agent incentive, but that doesn’t mean you should stop measuring it. Mixing it with CSAT feedback means that you will find advisors that spend longer with customers than they actually want.


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Simon Thorpe

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