At the UK National Contact Centre Conference, Bright UK proved the link between customer service and company profits.

London, November 6, 2013.

Today, Bright UK, a leading customer service and benchmarking company, presented new research busting a number of industry myths held for over 20 years. The headline was that there is a proven link between service delivered and a companies’ bottom line.

Bright showed evidence that improving service delivery can increase customer advocacy by 20-30%. With a key being “Voice of the Customer” programmes; sharing customer feedback with advisors on what makes customers happy or not. By putting these programmes in place for clients, and also measuring customer spend for the customers surveyed, they also proved an average company sales increase by up to 10%.

Based on Bright’s comprehensive benchmarking reviews and millions of customer satisfaction surveys completed every year, Mats Rennstam, Managing Director at Bright UK, shared the most recent key findings including:

  • Neither call centre advisor’s gender nor age impacts customer satisfaction.
  • Product knowledge and advisor engagement are significantly bigger drivers of customer satisfaction than speed of answer (which is the industry’s number one target metric).
  • Offshore operations do not deliver worse quality than onshore operations.
  • Online channels are not becoming more important than phone and email (which still accounts for over 95% of contacts).

Mats Rennstam

“The key to delivering world-class customer service as well as proving the customer service operation’s contribution to the organisation as a whole, is to get a comprehensive and all-encompassing view of how the contact centre operates,” said Mats. “We have to recognise that there are inherent dangers in examining areas in isolation, as well as taking industry “truths” for granted, which is why Bright focuses on helping clients adopt a holistic approach, including performance, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. As well as including robust benchmarking to validate findings and get a true picture of what best in class looks like.”

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