Shop Direct is a Top 25% performer in Europe’s largest contact centre benchmarking survey in 2012

The UK’s largest online and home shopping retailer Shop Direct was announced as one of the top 25% performers in Europe’s leading bespoke contact centre benchmarking survey, Bright Index, for 2012.

Each year up to 100 companies benchmark their contact centre performance against 50 key metrics with an average one million calls per participating company used to form the basis for the analysis. Shop Direct continues to raise the bar for best in class contact centre performance and is now recognised as an effective contact centre operation delivering quality and efficiency above many of its peers

Hilary Bennett, Head of Site, Shop Direct:

“Bright has become our trusted advisor in measuring and improving our contact centre performance.”

The Bright Index is used to identify the top 25% performers across Europe. This benchmark capability is founded on the evidence that to optimise customer management and contact centre performance, three areas in particular need to be monitored continually: internal performance, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. The benchmarking includes measuring efficiency, quality, resourcing, self-service, sales and resourcing.

Mats Rennstam, Managing Director at Bright UK:

“The key to delivering world-class customer service as well as proving the contact centre’s contribution to the organisation as a whole, is to get a comprehensive and all-encompassing view of how the contact centre operates. We have to recognise that there are inherent dangers in examining areas in isolation, which is why the Bright Index is designed to adopt a holistic approach including all areas of managing a best-in-class contact centre.”

Bright UK has successfully helped their clients measure and improve overall performance for over 12 years using the Bright Index combined with Bright Employee Index, Bright Navigator and the vast intelligent reporting that clients benefit from.