Dear Navigator users,

From the 3rd of July there will be a few updates to the Bright Navigator. The main changes are in order to speed up the functionality of the Bright Navigator. We are for example:

  • Removing the start page so you will go straight to your CSAT results.
  • Adding a significant speed boost to the website by no longer showing results immediately. When you have selected your criteria, you will now click an “Update results” button to view the results and can go back and forth in dropdowns without the system loading results each time.

Other changes that will happen at the same time are:

  • Improved comment box in the customer satisfaction module.
  • Verbatim comments at the end of phone surveys will now be recorded without customers having to press star.
  • The ability to limit different number of surveys per advisor has been adjusted. You can still limit the number of surveys per advisor on team, department and account level, but not set different limits for agents within the same team.

For any questions about the recent development, feel free to contact us at