Is self-service for you and if so how do you make your customers love it?

While we often hear people around us complaining about endless IVR menus, in the Bright Index benchmarking we see that top performing centres have a larger proportion of self service calls without their customer satisfaction scores dropping. Customers appreciate a swift self-service experience for simple queries as much as they dislike being lost in the IVR jungle.

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Event: Customer Engagement Day – March 1st 2012 – Manchester

Customer Engagement Day is a unique learning and knowledge-share event, which brings together a community of professionals with a common stake holding in customer retention, loyalty and advocacy. Produced by the Directors’ Club (GB & NI), the agenda mixes keynote presentations and round table discussions (some of them hosted by Bright), allowing the delegates to gain insight into key emerging themes, while sharing ideas and experiences with peers from across business sectors and job titles.

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Bright sponsors European Call Centre awards for the fourth time

Bright will sponsor the category “Contact Centre Manager of the year” at the 2012 European Call Centre Awards, as well as judging.

We look forward to seeing you at the awards dinner on Tuesday 2nd October 2012, at London Hilton Park Lane!

ECCA website.

Quarterly KPI focus: Average handling time

Old hat? Should not be monitored? Think again..

Yes, the trend to throw out AHT as a target for frontline agents makes sense, some calls need to take longer than others. However we see many centres that have stopped measuring it as a management KPI as well. This is very dangerous for resource planning and one of the results behind an increase in AHT (310 to 340 secs on average) and decrease in utilisation over the last two years. At the same time however the number of very satisfied customers has increased alongside first contact resolution, so for some it has had the desired effect. Just don’t forget to measure this metric on a contact centre level. Follow the discussion around what the most relevant metrics are HERE

Bright Index Benchmarking 2012 now open for participation!

Benchmark 50 of your contact centre metrics against both peers and national best practice. It only takes half a day for your MI guys to gather the data, and then Bright returns 2 weeks later to present the report, GAP analysis and recommendations. Read more about how it works here. Some participants’ comments:

  • SHOP DIRECT: “We quickly discovered that the quality of the feedback from Bright was superior and more pertinent to our business compared to other suppliers. And Bright didn’t just deliver the results, they gave us clear insight into what they meant, the correlations and trends that could be seen, as well as advice on where we could make improvements.”  Customer Service and Sales Director.
  • HOMESERVE: “Using Bright Index, we were given a clear picture of how we compared in over 50 contact centre metrics against similar operations and the call centre industry as a whole. Bright presented the findings and provided clear guidance on which measures were going to be important to HomeServe to meet its business objectives.” Head of operations.
  • CAMELOT: “I went to market to find an organisation that would be able to benchmark Camelot against its peers and against all contact centres in the UK to understand how we were performing, and to substantiate our case. The only organisation in the UK able to deliver this service was Bright” Head of customer operations.

More references HERE.

MOVER & SHAKER: Richard Beard

New Client Manager joins Bright

Richard will be looking after and developing Bright’s existing key clients. Both benchmarking and customer satisfaction clients will be supported by Richard to get maximum value from the tools. Richard most recently comes from ShopDirect where he was Customer  Experience Manager (and frequently deputised for Head of Operations) and previous to that Vodafone. Welcome!

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New features in the Bright Navigator

The automatic customer satisfaction tool

Our biggest success story in 2011 was our C-Sat tool, the Bright Navigator. Over 1 million automated customer satisfaction surveys were carried out in 2011 – this year we are aiming for 2 million! We always strive to upgrade and improve the product, with some of the latest additions including:

  • Ability to do web, chat and Facebook surveys.
  • Displaying the timestamp of each completed survey and linking to call recordings.
  • More bespoke reports, exporting raw data and transcription of comments.
  • Improved history graphs and setting team targets for each of the questions.

And finally…

Hang on in there, Spring is just around the corner!

All the best

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