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Spring is around the corner and soon everything will feel a lot easier to deal with. In our new performance guide we have focused on how to further help you get more out of your (no doubt) reduced budget this year. More quality at less cost? It is doable! Read more about this below as well as interesting webinars, trends etc. Have a great month!

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Webinar on what really drives customer satisfaction

The search for one single KPI to measure our contact centres’ effectiveness continues. There are lots of options, including NPS, CSAT, FCR, and CES (customer effort score). But do they hold up? Isn’t it time we found out the facts? Register here for this free 60-minute webinar and discover the progress being made towards really understanding what impacts customer satisfaction, retention and advocacy. Organised by OneWeek Media’s Directors Club and sponsored by Jacada. Thursday 10th March 2010 at 1pm GMT.

Performance Management Guide 2011 launched!

Packed with advice and research findings, this year’s guide is winging its way to 2,000 contact centre managers all over the country. It contains advice on everything from a more holistic way of managing your centre to insights on productivity, agent engagement, customer satisfaction, home working and more. Unsure whether you’re on the mailing list?

E-mail luke@brightindex.co.uk to request your copy!

Average absence per agent 5 weeks?!

You may have read recently about the average absence for a public sector employee being 8 days instead of private sectors 6 days. Our industry generally fares poorly with an average of 12 days off per agent amongst the latest Bright Index participants. When did you yourself last have 25 days off sick in a year? This is the average level of absence for the bottom performers! So what do the top performers with only a few days off per agent do differently? The main areas are atmosphere and engagement (and not salary as you may have thought). You should measure agent engagement regularly and find out what drives it and how you are doing on key areas. A programme for following up absence needs to be in place, however as our research shows, the top drivers are lack of recognition, achievement and development, not a lack of follow-up by management. If you need help Bright offer a simple employee engagement e-survey, benchmarked, and at a low cost.

Top 25% performers 2010 announced!

This week, ShopDirect, Homeserve, ING Direct, Coventry Building Society, beCogent and N.A.B. were among the companies announced as top 25% performers for 2010, in Europe’s leading bespoke benchmarking survey Bright Index. Up to 100 participants have 50 key metrics measured and analysed per year.

Bright Index differentiates itself from other awards by being based on actual results and in addition to quality delivered, also factors in how efficiently the centre is run. On average a million calls per participant form the basis for the analysis and benchmarking.

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We are very flattered but will keep working even harder to deliver more value and insight to both you and the industry.

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