Ringing the changes in 2010

Contact centre executives discuss what lays ahead for our industry

At the inaugural Ministry of Performance Dinner recently, more than 20 of the call centre industrys top practitioners gathered to discuss what the future holds for the industry. There was one word that dominated most of the conversations; change. As one guest commented:

“There will be even more change over the next five years than we have experienced in the previous five”

Quarterly KPI focus: Employee engagement

Why does it matter, how can you monitor it and more importantly; how can
you drive it? In previous white papers we have shown that just a small drop
in employee engagement results in a dramatic reduction in customer satisfaction. Significantly beating traditional KPI’s such as hold time in terms of impact. We looked at why this is and, how you can monitor and improve it with case studies from our own clients. Read the full article here.

The danger of assumptions

There are a lot of myths in our industry; self service is bad for customer satisfaction, most centres reach service levels of 80/20, 0% abandonment rate is achievable etc. However you can get facts from well executed external benchmarking. As an example, we recently showed a major UK company how they could save money as the same time as raising customer satisfaction. We reallocated their resources and budget to where it mattered most and made sure that they still exceeded customer expectations (but not to such high levels above the industry average as before) and used the savings to improve agent engagement through three areas in which they had previously scored low. It is this combination of incorrectly assuming industry averages coupled with allocating internal resources to areas that are standing up well in comparison to others, that can be disastrous for a call centre! Even if they are very efficient and ambitious; they are spending their time, resources and money in the wrong areas.

Have you budgeted for the UK’s most robust, reliable and actionable benchmarking for 2010?

At a cost of only £12,000 we will guarantee you a return on investment or your money back.

Read more about our methodology and outputs here: www.brightindex.co.uk or email us at info@brightindex.co.uk. Alternatively contact Ms Alex Robinson on tel 0208-892 95 30.

What to measure and manage in your call centre

When we are too busy fighting fires we often measure what is easy to measure instead of what is relevant. In an article for Callcentrehelper we look at how to solve this as well as thoughts on the industry needing to take a more holistic view on performance management.

Full article here.


Head of Customer Loyalty and Sales

Develop a long term CRM strategy in line with overall company strategy to
optimize the customer life time value.

This online gaming company is looking for a senior manager to head up their CRM, sales and customer service operations. Applicant need to have CRM experience from a customer focused high transaction volume online FMCG company or similar. Location London, remuneration package to match role. Full description of the role: email us on info@brightindex.co.uk

Consultative Business Development Manager

With an increased demand for our benchmarking products and consultancy services in the UK, we are looking for an outstanding sales professional with experience of either contact centre services, management consultancy or both. The role will specifically include:

  • Making contact with target companies and sell our consultancy and benchmarking services.
  • Negotiating and renewing existing clients’ contracts.
  • Present the findings of our analysis of the client’s performance and run smaller workshops. Potentially have own consultancy engagements.
  • Prepare for an expansion of the Business Development team.

Please email covering letter and CV to hr@brightindex.co.uk quoting job title in subject line.

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