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Customer Satisfaction Measuring (new-with-surveys)

Don’t just measure it, drive customer satisfaction!

To really measure delivered quality it’s what your customers think that matters. However a customer satisfaction survey that doesn’t break down the result to a level where you can see what is causing it, just isn’t actionable. And if you can’t drive change, what is the point?


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Bright Navigator is an automated satisfaction survey tool for companies with a high level of customer contacts. It measures continuously, providing real time insight into what customers think and why, broken down by product, customer type, staff member or channel. To us, that’s the basics. Read more about the Navigator’s bells and whistles below.

A customer satisfaction survey that doesn’t break down the result to a level where you can see what is causing it just isn’t actionable. And if you can’t drive change, what is the point?

We can get to the bottom of the problem and provide the evidence to make change, including 360° feedback. We include automatic feedback to staff on how their particular customers have responded in comparison to their team.

This has resulted in major improvements, on average a 30% increase in very satisfied customers, for our clients.


Why Bright Navigator?

Bright Navigator is a robust and affordable customer satisfaction survey tool that will deliver:

  • On average a 30% increase in very satisfied customers
  • Real time feedback by agent, team, product, channel bright-navigator
    and customer type
  • Identify the root cause of issues and know how to solve them
  • Deep understanding of your customer behaviour
  • Analytical evidence to drive change
  • Confidence to make informed decisions
  • An automatic improvement and development tool for staff

Business performance is now so dependent on customer satisfaction, that get it wrong and customers will leave. Understanding your customers is crucial to driving profitable growth.
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The bells & whistles.

In addition to being one of the world’s best and most cost efficient voice of the customer tools in terms of standard features, Bright is unique in also offering:

    • Automatic correlation analysis. Productivity metrics are mixed with C-SAT metrics creating an all in one performance management solution.
    • Automatic conversion of customer verbatim into text and sentiment analysis.
    • Alerts function enabling automatic email notification to teams and external departments based on verbatim content and customer scores.
    • Correlation analysis with employee surveys showing the links and drivers of C-SAT.
    • Coaching module. Making your team leaders more efficient and reducing the need for QA teams.


With the ever-increasing shift towards self-service online, our clients need full visibility of their customer experience in this channel. Even for non e-commerce sites there are normally millions of pounds of savings through driving down failure demand. Bright will help you create surveys such as the examples below for websites and social media. The results are integrated real-time with scores for contact centres, branches, field staff etc., creating a holistic view of your entire customer journey.


Customer Satisfaction Survey example

Website Satisfaction Survey example

App Satisfaction Survey example

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Text Analytics

Using customer verbatim, particularly as sound files is very effective in driving good behaviour and stopping bad. But what about the areas outside of customer service? And what about spotting emerging problems?

Bright Navigator’s text analytics feature segments high volume verbatim automatically and produces reports in the portal such as:

    • Top drivers of dissatisfaction.
    • Common themes amongst Net Promoters and Net Detractors.
    • Emerging trends amongst customer comments.



And much more..  Contact us for a demo!

Watch a short video introducing Bright Navigator:

Alternatively, you can download our PDF brochure.

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